Friday, 6 May 2016

The Annual Totally Wiped Out Day

Last year we decided to have a special Totally Wiped Out day for the Eazipay team. We had such a great day, that we thought we would invite our sister company Atrium Fitness along to take part.

So, once again we used the fabulous Off Limits Event Professionals  to put the event on. After we had invited the Atrium Fitness team, it occurred to us that we are a bunch of office people and they are all health club people!!!

So on Sunday 1st of May 4 teams of 10 arrived at the Totally Wiped Out Course, specially set up for the day.

The first event was the Sweeper arm, where there were some very good performances

Then came the funniest event, the obstacle course. Only this obstacle course had a twist. You had to put your head on a pole and run around it 10 times. The results were hilarious... People were running in all sorts of directions.

The Big Red balls came up next. We had our trump card here. Luisa's son Aaron with his big legs basically just walked over them... Others were not so lucky

After the excitement of the Big Red Balls, we were asked if we wanted a break - NOOO came the answer from everyone. So it was on to the Punch Wall, which was by far the most physical game of the day. It wasn't the getting across, it was the punching!!!

We were definitely wiped out after that one. But No rest for us... Straight on to the Drop and Drift - it started to get messy here...


One of the Atrium Fitness guys thought it would be a great idea to throw a bucket of water in Matt, the owner's, face. Turns out it was because it was really funny!! Then we were on to the Tricky Trunks, or as some were calling it Slippery Sausage...



Some got much messier than others...

But when all the scores were tallied up, us office chair types had beaten the fitness bunnies :-)
We were quite pleased...


The event was absolutely brilliant, and we rounded it all off with an amazing hog roast too. A special thank you to Luisa for letting us use her field :-)

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