Wednesday, 9 August 2017

We're still hiring, but...

We have had a bit of a change around internally, and our needs have changed a little. So we are now looking for a Part-time Direct Debit Account Controller.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

We're hiring

We pride ourselves on being a great company to work for. We are looking for a DD Account Controller to come and join our happy team. 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

It's all a bit gloomy...

Image result for londonstorm clouds

The storm clouds are gathering. Last Friday a trio of reports about the UK economy was released. This, of course, pushed the currency down, again...

It seems that May was not a great month for UK plc. The Manufacturing and Construction sectors both reported drops on the previous year. It's probably important to say that those 2 sectors make up a fifth of our economy... To make things worse our trade deficit went the wrong way too. Then there was news that house prices had increased by the lowest amount in four years. 

Economists and investors are, understandably hesitant and cautious. Brexit has caused all sorts of upset, mainly down to us not knowing what, if any, kind of deal will be struck, and what impact that will have on the economy. There are signs of a slowdown, which will bring harder times. That in turn, will mean less investment, and investors to sell the pound, causing the pound to fall further.

Just as we all thought things couldn't get worse, we ended up with a hung Parliament, causing even more uncertainty. It seems the only certainty we are likely to have is that we are in for a bumpy ride.

Having said all of that, we saw the news that Direct Debit transactions had hit another record. Bacs reported that in one day in June there were 111 million payments processed. It also reported that in 2016 there were 6 and a quarter billion payments worth £4.8 trillion processed. Eazipay has also enjoyed a record year, growing year on year since it was formed. So it's not all doom and gloom.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Brexit gets real

Image result for David Davis Brussels

Brexit is here and starting today...

David Davis MP is in Brussels right now, starting the negotiating for the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

There has been so much talk about this, whether it is a 'hard' or 'soft' Brexit, and since the election result earlier this month, everything is up in the air.

There has been a few opening shots fired from both sides, some serious, some more joking. One particular opening shot was aimed at moving the financial sector out of London - which is a bit worrying.

Last week the Eu proposed new laws forcing clearing houses located outside of the EU, to move to within the EU! This could force UK-based clearing houses to move out of the UK, hurting our economy. This, of course, was always a risk of Brexit. London is a major financial institution for the EU, inevitably, if we leave the EU, London will probably stop being a major player in the EU. The impact on the major economy is virtually impossible to predict, it is safe to say it will have a huge impact on the financial services industry though.

Image result for london financialThe financial services industry are facing short, medium and long-term uncertainties. There is a real disincentive to create jobs in London that may have to be moved in a few short years. Medium and long-term risks are the real shrinking of the financial sector. That in itself will have a significant impact on the British economy and the value of the pound. However, by leaving the EU, it opens other doors for our financial industry to work with other economies, so it isn't all gloomy. The problem is, we just don't know. Let's hope David Davis is up to the job and can sort out this mess. One thing we do need to do is stay positive and pull together to work through these uncertain times.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Spring clean your finances with Eazipay and save £345

You've cleared out the garage, tidied the loft, de-cluttered every room in the house and scrubbed the fridge. But what about your finances?

With the Spring cleaning done it's time to give some thought to your 
Financial Spring Clean and we'd like to do our bit to help by reducing our Direct Debit set-up fee.

From the 
22nd to 31st May 2017, we're taking the mop and bucket to our usual Facility Management Service set-up fee of £495.00 and scrubbing it down to just £150.00.

Three for Free
For all new customers that sign up to our Facility Management Service between the 22nd and 31st May, we'll also be offering three months' worth of reports for FREE, effective from the date the first input file is received. 

Who knew Spring cleaning had so many benefits?

Thursday, 18 May 2017

New credit and debit card service for Eazipay

We are delighted to launch our brand new Payment Gateway. This means we now have a credit and debit card solution.

We have worked hard to bring you this solution and we are really pleased with it. 

Eazipay Payment Gateway – the quick and easy way to process card payments online or via telephone.
  • Access to our MMS (Merchant Management System) and Virtual Terminal, allowing you to view and process transaction in real time.
  • Unlimited use of the Pay Button to encourage your customers to make prompt online payment
  • Supports all mainstream debit and credit cards
  • Software integration help and advice for you and your website developer
  • Choice of online and telephone card payment process
  • Safe and secure – Level 1 PCI:DSS compliance giving you and your business absolute security
  • Use of our fraud screening tools – 3D Secure, AVS, CV2
  • The most competitive Merchant tariff available – guaranteed!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

What does a snap election mean financially?

Image result for parliament

So, in a move that caught just about everyone out, Theresa May called a snap election. This means quite a bit for our little island. On top of all the usual national issues, like education, NHS, Armed forces, Social Care etc. We have Brexit. Which, given all the news, you could be forgiven there is nothing else going on politically here in the UK.

Image result for theresa may announces election

Without getting political, it did make sense for her to call the election, even though she had said she wasn't going to. If a week is a long time in politics, then 9 months must be an age... She did have to avoid the French and German elections, plus it does put a few of the critics to bed. The SNP have continually said she is unelected, so that would solve that issue.

Image result for brexit
The B word (Brexit) does loom very significantly over Mrs. May's Government. There will be all sorts of compromise needed, and she needs a larger majority to get some of those things done. On the flip side, if she doesn't end up with a majority, we could all be in for a very long drawn out mess.

As soon as the announcement was made the markets all reacted and there was a drop in the FTSE of 2%, but as is always the case the pound rose fairly sharply at the same time. Looking at all of this coldly, Mrs. May has taken a political gamble, but also a financial one. If we do have a hung parliament again, then the financial institutions, that rely on stability, will go into meltdown.

Let's hope she has made the right call.

Short term, the markets will be a little more volatile than they have been. You only have to look at most of the past General Elections to see investors get nervous and markets become unpredictable. We also don't know what is coming, surprise announcements, and manifestoes etc.

Image result for volatile markets
The polls have this a done deal as an election, but then the polls got the last election horribly wrong. However, if the polls are correct we will be in a stronger position to negotiate our withdrawal from Europe than we currently are, albeit not the strongest negotiation position ever. We have also seen some huge shock results in recent years. The European referendum was seen as a stay in win, Mr. Farage even conceded, and then results came in. The last General Election, then there is Mr. Trump. If this election goes the way of the polls, we will see some stability, but then France and Germany go to the polls. That could rock everything, we just don't know which way. The fact we don't know will mean a rather unpredictable few months, but most of the 'experts' are saying that Sterling will rise, which will have an effect on the markets.

The one thing we do know is there will be precious little other news floating around, unless Mr. Trump manages to do something that negates all of this of course.