Friday, 17 January 2014

Direct Debit Helps your Customers too

Advantages to your customers

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"With Direct Debit via Eazipay, your customers can pay less by spreading the costs."

With Direct Debit, businesses know exactly when the money is coming in and how much they're going to receive. It’s easy to set up, cost effective to operate, and takes changes in payment levels and VAT alterations in its stride.

Customer benefits
  • Easy to set up
  • Provides greater control
  • Pay less by spreading costs
  • Assists day-to-day budgeting
  • Service satisfaction

Your customers can benefit from Direct Debit too. The system will help them with their cash flow and there’s less paperwork to be dealt with and fewer cheques to be written.
With Direct Debit via Eazipay, your customers can pay less by spreading costs over a 12 month period. It’s also an incredibly easy process for them. Your customers can simply authorise regular payments and then forget about them. The amounts are taken on schedule and if any changes are required, they can quickly and easily be made.
Direct Debit also puts your customers in control. They can cancel any Direct Debits by a quick phone call to their bank or building society (cancellation rates are much less than with standing orders, cheques or cash payments), which helps with day-to-day budgets.
Your customers will also get great service. Nothing is more likely to turn your customers into ‘ex-customers’ than frustration at a service full of mistakes.

Eazipay provides a fantastic service. We would be happy to recommend them to any other company.
Sonia Blizzard
Beaming Ltd

Eazipay’s Direct Debit service helps you reduce and remove administration errors, and in turn, keep your customers happy.
If you want happy customers with Direct Debit contact Eazipay now.

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