Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2014 and a booming economy

What will 2014 bring? No one really know, but it is looking positive at the moment.

Just a few short months ago the economy was looking a bit dodgy. There was a few signs, but not many, of the recovery. Now we have everyone from the Office of National Statistics, The Bank of England, Chambers of Commerce and the CBI telling us that things are on the move, and 2014 looks positive.
So, this is the year to make your business grow. As we all know cash flow is absolutely the thing that strangles any business. Having people pay you on time and straight into your bank cuts down on costs of chasing and administration. We work with hundreds of businesses across most sectors, and we find that the companies that really work on putting their customers on Direct Debit, are usually the ones who look less stressed.
So lets make 2014 a bumper year for business. Make sure you control your money and be as prosperous as you can be.

Good Luck

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