Thursday, 3 September 2015

Supporting Callum Fairhurst's ride around the world

Some of the Eazipay team were delighted to meet and chat with an incredible young man several month's ago. His story is an amazing one. Callum is raising money for the charity in his brothers name the Liam Fairhurst Foundation His brother sadly was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 10, and Callum was 8 at the time. Liam battled the cancer for 4 years, and in that time raised a whopping £340 000 directly and a further £7 000 000 by heading up a campaign.

Callum made a promise to his brother to live a brilliant life and to help others as he did that. He is definitely fulfilling his promise. So, Callum has set off on an epic ride around the world. He is writing a blog and uploading videos on his journey. He will be raising money for the Liam Fairhurst Foundation, which helps young people in the UK affected by Cancer, disabilities and illnesses. He will also be raising money for charities in the countries he is visiting.

He has set himself a target of £100 000 to raise, and you can help. Here is his justgiving page Eazipay made a £500 donation to help out. The journey is huge travelling 1800 miles and spending 237 days on his bike!! You can follow his progress on his blog or for more up to date news his facebook page

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