Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Eazipay's Vision Statement

The Eazipay team felt we ought to put into words what the vision for us was. So in true Eazipay style we had a little competition. The whole team had a go at making a suggestion for the vision. There were so many brilliant suggestions, that there was a draw for first place. So the best idea was to mix them up and come up with a final vision statement for Eazipay.

The Winners were= Sophie Farnell, Sales Exec + Alison Aldridge, Administrator – prize = a meal for 2 anywhere they choose !!

The Runner-up was Gemma Langley, Administrator – prize = a takeaway for 2

So well done to those guys. But what is the vision statement, we hear you say. Well here it is:

Eazipay's vision is to provide all our client’s with a fully managed Direct Debit service supported by a level of professionalism, value and customer service that leaves our customers smiling. We focus on providing  the very best from beginning to end and will always exceed client expectations.

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