Monday, 8 June 2015

Eazipay are prompt payers

We have been huge advocates of prompt payments to SMEs for quite some time now. We have always believed in paying our suppliers well within payment terms, so we thought we would sign up to the Prompt Payment Code to show that when you deal with us, you will get your money on time - every time.

We still believe that more teeth needs to be given to this code, but it is a start. If you are a good payer, why not sign your company up and show everyone that you will pay them on time? You can find the details here

There are thousands and thousands of SMEs across Britain struggling with their cash flow on a daily basis, due to other companies not paying on time. We would ask you all to spread the word about the Prompt Payment Code. Of course we believe you can avoid a lot of these issues by putting your customers on Direct Debit. Using a top class Direct Debit Bureau like Eazipay, will get your money faster and far more efficiently.

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