Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The election is over

The election has run its course, and we had a surprise result. In the build up we had every poll telling us that we would have a very hung Parliament. There was talk of us having to have a Minority Government and then have another election in December.

In the end, the Conservatives got a majority and were able to form a Government. Regardless of your political views, this was a major shock. Time will tell whether it was a good result for business. We would add though that the signs of recovery have been significant in the last 12 months. We have seen some serious growth in, not only our client base, but the amount we collect for our clients.

We need this Government to be business focussed, to make life easier for small and medium business all around the UK. It is the SMEs that have dragged us out of the recession and have increased employment by such a big amount. One issue that bugs us and we do like to talk about is late payments. Late payments have been blighting the business community for years. The Labour Government did nothing about it, and the Coalition had a half-hearted go at it. We would like to see this Government grasp the nettle and make late payments for SMEs a thing of the past. SMEs cannot continue to be another form of credit for other SMEs and larger companies. We need to see some change.

Of course, as we may have mentioned before, have a very easy quick way to help with late payments now. Direct Debit puts you back in control, it gives you a handle on your cash flow, and can give you a heads up if there is a problem, like someone cancelling their Direct Debit.

Fortunately, we currently have our General Election promotion running. You can find out more details here, by clicking on that link you could save £195, but more importantly you will be on the road to an easier life, with Direct Debit from Eazipay putting your money straight into your bank account, when you want it.

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