Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Is the Economy really picking up???

Is the economy really picking up???

With all the political argy bargy at the moment it is becoming really difficult to see the wood for the trees, or who to believe if you prefer... One side tells us things have got worse for people, while the other tells it is getting much much better. Some of the figures help indicate what is going on, like having the most employed people ever, but then we are told that's a con because they are mostly part time or 0 hours contracts.

At Eazipay, as you know, we collect millions of pounds on behalf of our clients. Yes we have grown over the last 12 months, but we are also seeing the volume of collections increasing. We heard today that new car sales, always a good indicator of how people are feeling, has gone up 6% ( We also hear that demand for mortgages has gone up too ( On top of that inflation is 0%, in fact shop prices are falling at their fastest rate since 2006 ( So the Economy must be booming, right?

We think it is. We speak to companies on a daily basis, and they are growing and feeling good about the future. The number of insolvencies is now at it's lowest for years. We hear talk of a hung parliament and how the economy will be rocked by that. We feel that we should all keep on doing business and build this economy ourselves. After all it is companies that build economies...

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