Monday, 17 December 2012

Change of company brings Direct Debit to Vehicle Tracking Direct

Vehicle Tracking Direct is a small family owned business which focuses on providing fleet management aids for transport operators of all sizes.
The company has always been a big fan of Direct Debit and, as Managing Director, Gordon Muir explains, the switch to Eazipay has given them a better service and more control.
“I'm a massive fan of Direct Debit; always have been. I'd do more by Direct Debit if I could. We've been in business for five years and I've always used Direct Debit for our clients.
“Before switching to Eazipay, we collected our customers' payments once a month via our SIM card supplier. Although this method was fine as far as it went, we wanted more control and went out into the market place to find a replacement.“After six months of searching (I'm not a man to be rushed into a decision) we chose Eazipay.
“The choice was made on two factors, pricing structure and professionalism. Eazipay looked like the best on paper and have proved themselves to be as good as their word in practice.
“We've been with them for over a year now and have yet to encounter a single issue with their service. The one time one of our clients missed a payment we knew straight away, and their response to enquiries is first class. They are fast, efficient, responsive, and most importantly accurate.
“Equally, their fee structure supports our needs perfectly.
“And it's so simple. A couple of clicks and all the invoices are emailed to the clients, a couple more clicks and I have a report ready to send to Eazipay, my entire invoicing procedure only takes around 10 minutes per month and it takes 5 minutes to import the payments and allocate them automatically to their respective invoices.
“Add in the fact that with Direct Debit there's only a very small amount of credit control and I don't know any other payment system which is so incredibly time efficient and cost effective.
“Direct Debit is brilliant. And Eazipay are exceptionally good at running it.
“There's another important point to be made here. One of Direct Debit's great advantages is that   customers are much less likely to change suppliers, as the money comes out of their account with so little effort on their part, my clients love it, no work and total security.

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