Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Q: What's reliable, secure, friendly, gives excellent customer service and is growing at an enormous rate???

A: Eazipay of course.

February has just been an incredibly good month for us. We have had loads and loads of companies come on board. As usual we will list a few here. But first lets talk about our facebook competition we held. It was quite simple, we asked a question each day for a week. We chose at random a company who had answered a question and sent them a Giant Valentines cookie. And here we have Andy from Jabbatalk enjoying his lovely Giant Cookie.

So on to other things. Are you a Rugby fan? We are... We are running our very successful 6 Nations Promotion at the moment you can find it here http://bit.ly/zN2VxM  We always sign up quite a few people when we do it. Have a look. If you are thinking of using a Direct Debit service it is a great way to get started...

Finally... We put up a post about Bev going part time and us looking for somebody to join the company. Sorry but you just weren't quick enough, we have filled the post. Next time...

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