Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year and 2011

A big Happy New Year to you all. I hope this year is really prosperous for everybody.

So December came and went. It is normally fairly quiet for us here at Eazipay, as most people start to get into the festive season and think of other things.

We had a really good 2011. We went from strength to strength. Broke all sorts of records along the way and are generally very happy with how it all went. On the website http://www.eazipay.co.uk/direct-debit-case-studies/ are several case studies showing how we have helped companies really get a grip on collecting their money. It's always great to have a success story, although we do get a lot. If you have started with us and would like us to do a case study on how we have helped you, get in touch.

We had a few changes to deal with in 2011, Naomi left us and went to www.atriumclub.com , which was really sad. But it did mean that we could promote Martin and Carl, who are doing a great job.So whilst we miss Naomi, business has carried on and both of them have really made the step up. The team is now 14, whilst we are still a very small team, we are a lot bigger than in the early days of 2002, when it was just Lu all on her lonesome. That reminds me, this year is our 10th Anniversary, need to speak to Lu to see what we are going to do, any ideas?

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