Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Business Exhibition at Earls Court

Lu and I recently went down to Earls Court for the Business Exhibition. We were reminded that it was snowing when we went last year. Maybe that was one reason the show felt better last year than this year, it was quieter, and only the truly dedicated went!  This year it was very very busy. But also we felt that it was very repetitive this year, there were dozens of web designers. Everywhere you turned someone was shoving a leaflet about getting your website designed etc. or trying to get you to sign up to some Accountants.

If we go next year it would be good to see more variety in the stands. There are so many types of business services we need these days, it would be great to see more there.

One stand Lu did like was Regus, but only because she could make herself a Reg. You can see what these things are by clicking

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