Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Eazipay presses all the right buttons for Absolute Numbers 

Absolute Numbers is a leading provider of telecommunications products, specialising in telemarketing numbers and call handling solutions. Based in Chichester, the company has been in business for eight years and has around 300 commercial clients.

Absolute Numbers’ owner, Clive Arden-Brown, explains how Eazipay’s Direct Debit services have helped improve its cash flow and cut costs. "When I started Absolute Numbers, I knew I wanted to set up Direct Debits for my customers, but I wasn't sure how to go about it. I approached my bank to see if they could help, but, as a start-up business, I didn't have sufficient turnover for them to be interested.

"My next step was to look on the Internet and ask around for recommendations. Eazipay came up on
more than one occasion, and always with glowing references, so I thought I’d see what they had to offer.

“I sat down with Luisa Grey, the company’s Director, and it very soon became clear that we could do business. Not only do Luisa and her team run a very efficient ship at Eazipay but they also have a real passion for customer service and getting things right first time.

"As you can imagine, when your cash flow depends on a third party taking the right amount of money out of your customers’ accounts and putting it into yours, accuracy is quite important! Over the many years I've worked with Eazipay they’ve proved themselves to be second to none when it comes to attention to detail.

“But Eazipay offer us so much more than simply collecting outstanding payments. The fact that I can put my Direct Debits in the hands of someone I trust completely means I can focus my attention on growing the business. I don't have to worry about wrong amounts being collected or collections being missed altogether.

"I also know that when I send an invoice out, it will get paid on time, provided that there’s enough money in the client’s account. There's no opportunity for them to delay payment, whether by accident or design.

“And if there is a problem, Eazipay let me know straight away; they’re extremely pro-active. This allows us to raise the issue with the client within 24 hours of a payment being missed rather than the weeks it can sometimes take under a conventional payment system.

"As a result, my cash flow is secure. My costs are reduced too. Currently around 50 per cent of my customers pay by Direct Debit. These 50 per cent take up just 10 per cent of my accounts department’s time. The other 90 per cent is spent servicing the other half of my clients.

"It's not hard to imagine the cost implications if none of my clients paid by Direct Debit. In some cases, we'd still be chasing payment months after it was due.

"At some point, I hope that Absolute Numbers will be big enough to have its own Direct Debit Service User status. But even then, we'd be using Eazipay's ‘Commercial Bureau’ service offering to help us to manage the operation and allow all collected monies to come direct to us.

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