Monday, 7 February 2011

Direct Debit makes sense for Return On Digital

Direct Debit makes sense
for Return On Digital

A direct marketing company is saving time, money and effort after switching to Direct Debit collections through Eazipay Ltd.

Return On Digital is a full service digital marketing agency with offices in Manchester and London. It has around fifty clients who pay between £500 and £15,000 per month and almost all of them now settle their bills without the need for invoices to be raised or cheques to be sent.


For Guy Levine, CEO of Return on Digital, the decision to move to Direct Debit was a simple one.

“I’ve run businesses before and one of my biggest frustrations was the amount of time that was wasted chasing money. Clients would come up with every excuse in the book to hold on to the cash for a little bit longer and it was expensive in terms of staffing costs and general administration. And it was no good for my blood pressure.


“When I was thinking about starting Return On Digital, one thing I knew very early on was that I was going to set up a Direct Debit system. A colleague recommended Eazipay and we’ve been working very well together ever since.


“Direct Debit with Eazipay makes a huge amount of sense for all sorts of reasons. We have complete control of our cash flow as we know how much money is coming in and when it’ll arrive. We’ve also saved money on administration costs as we don’t need to employ such a large accounts team to send out invoices and statements and chase up outstanding bills.


“And the process itself is very simple. We give Eazipay all the details and they do the rest.


“We don’t even have to worry about the technical side of things as Eazipay does all that too. A good example was the recent change in VAT, which was all handled so smoothly it caused barely a ripple.


“Direct Debit also flags up potential problems very early on. We know within a day if a customer has missed a payment, so any businesses that are unable or unwilling to pay can be dealt with promptly.


“Customers see benefits, too. It’s equally simple for them to set up and helps with their cash flow. We can’t change the amount we take out of their account without their agreement and they are entitled to claw back what they’ve paid should something go wrong during the contract. 


“From a personal perspective, I also use Direct Debit as an informal credit check. If a customer is unwilling to sign up, it can sometimes set alarm bells ringing.

“And if I ever come to sell the company, having a Direct Debit system in place will be a big plus point for any potential purchaser.

“These days, I wouldn’t be without Direct Debit. Where companies have customers who pay the same amount on a regular basis, it should definitely be a part of their business model.”

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